• Hi. I'm Mike.
    I'm a Los Angeles based illustrator, animator, and graphic designer. You'll notice that I work in a lot of different styles and mediums. I love mixing things up - it lets me exercise all of my creative muscles, but it makes for a lot of material to look through, so here's a little guide for you:
    I've worked for four years designing banner ads and expandable ad units. I've designed
    template based ads, custom one off ads, and a lot of inventory based ads. 
    Having friends in the arts has given me the opportunity to make posters and promo graphics
    for a ton of cool people and projects.

    I'm sure every designer is asked to do a million logos. I have fun with them because I think
    it's a huge responsibility to be asked to decide how a company should present themselves
    to the public. It's an awesome, collaborative experience.
    Sales videos are always a fun challenge - they're usually pretty dry material, and making
    them interesting and informative can be difficult, but I almost always end up learning
    something new in the process.
    I've been working as an animator for over 10 years now, and have been doing graphic design and illustration for almost as long. I began my career as a classical (hand drawn) animator working on Lucky Charms and Trix cartoons, and I've since had the chance to work on a wide variety of projects for large corporations, single individuals, and everywhere in between. I've recently moved to Los Angeles with my wonderful wife Meghan. I'm hoping our new home will present opportunities to work with even more creative individuals and on even cooler projects.
    I hope you like what you find. If you do, and you've got a project that you'd like to work with me on, drop me an email. I'm sure we'll have a good time and come up with some pretty cool work. Until then, enjoy looking around.
    Let's make something together.
    Email me at mike@likemoyd.com
    Call me at 708.699.8383